When it comes to philosophy, roasting & brewing approach, BIRCHBACH is about seasonality, selection, simplicity, solubility & sweetness!


Just like any organic product, coffee has its own seasonality and tastes best when is fresh. This is why BIRCHBACH coffees are seasonally sourced in relation to the different harvest time of different countries.


Beyond freshness there are also many other qualities for which an in-depth understanding of the raw material is required.

BIRCHBACH coffees are selectively selected with the goal of offer you maximum sweetness & cleanliness; two of those aspects directly related to an high-quality coffee.


Origins, coffee varieties, processing techniques, roast styles, brewing methods... Do you feel lost?

To keep it simple, BIRCHBACH rotating portfolio will never showcase more than four coffees on offer at the same time.

A small and well curated portfolio which fully reflects BIRCHBACH vision and simplifies your choice!


In order to preserve and even enhance the intrinsic qualities of each coffee, BIRCHBACH coffees have a light to medium roast profile which stays on its own.

Thanks to specific roast techniques and profiles tailored for each of them, they result in high-soluble & easily extractable coffees, suitable for most brew methods, showcasing themselves in a clean, aromatic, super-sweet! and friendly cup; not too complex to understand, nevertheless with distinctive flavors in it.


BIRCHBACH is the own solo specialty coffee roasting project launched by Flavio Lissandrello in late 2017 in Zurich, Switzerland.

Inspired by modern simplicity, fascinated by the little things in life and driven by the ideal of “quality over quantity”.

One person’s project with the intention of develop a coffee roastery that shares this ideal in a laid-back and humble way, keeping it small & simple, under control; with focus on improving, progressing and growing without expanding. Step by step, with no pressure, without having to think about any future goals or financial growth to reach.

Flavio is the owner & founder as much as roaster and with this project, after many years spent investing most of his time learning about coffee; brewing, roasting, competing at national championships, working as barista, head of education and consultant here in Zurich… now all he wants is share his love for good coffee and his take on roasting with you!

If you are curious and have questions to ask him directly or want to simply catch up for a cup of coffee, don’t hesitate to drop him a line at